Masaryk Museum in Hodonín

Masaryk Museum in Hodonín is a semi-budgetary organization of South Moravian Region. It also administers the sites of Vlastivedne Museum in Kyjov, Municipal Museum in Veseli nad Moravou and Slavic Fortified Settlement in Mikulčice.The museum focuses on history, etnography and archeology in the whole region including Hodonin, Kyjov and Veseli nad Moravou. All sites provide both professional, academic information and specialized activities for schools and public.
The headquarters of the museum is in a chateau holding exhibition T.G.Masaryk and His Native Land. The museum also offers seasonal exhibitions in halls at 21, Narodni Trida in Hodonin where you can also find Europa Hall and the Department of Archeology.
The museum holds the only Moravian exhibition of its kind devoted to Hodonin's most significant native, the first Czechoslovak president, T.G.Masaryk. The permanent exhibition presents the personal history of the president depicted by audiovisual programmes and movie clips. The part of the exhibition documents the history of Hodonin. The museum activities also include various events in Europa Hall. Top

Municipal Museum in Veseli nad Moravou

Museum of Veselsko and Hornacko District. Archaelogy from Paleolithic Age to the period of Fortified Fortress of 10th century. History of Veselsko Castle up to present times. Etnography: folk wear, embroidery, traditional garments, pottery, furniture and painted eggs.
You can find the museum building in the oldest part of the town, on the banks of river Morava. There are collections from all over the surroundings of the Veseli area and Hornacko. Archaelogical findings prove the flourishing of the town and region since Paleolithic Age to Middle Ages, depicting the town history, founding of the castle and settlement by the river Morava. The exhibition also presents the wide variety of folk costumes, pottery, furniture, embroidery and painted eggs. Top

Vlastivedne Museum in Kyjov

Since 1928, Kyjov museum is located in Renaissance-period chateaux from the 16th century. The first collection were presented to public in 1913 thanks to a local high school teacher Mr Jan Kucera who founded so-called Archive and Museum of the Royal Town of Kyjov. The collections show history, etnography and archaelogy of the Kyjov District. In 2010 a new modern building was introduced. Inside you can see a large scale panoramatic collection devoted to the local wild life. Top

Slavic fortified settlement in Mikulčice, The National Cultural Relic

The place of historical importance, set in a beautiful countryside, remarkable as a historical site of Great Moravia (8-10th century AD). Two archeological exhibitions with priceless excavations. The original seat of Great Moravia kings and a place of cultural and religious mission of St. Cyril and Methodius.
The castle of Great Moravia on the area stretching over 10 hectares on the island of Morava river. The foundations of Czech statehood. Formerly included 10 stone churches and a royal palace. Natural reserve site Skariny, river meanders of Morava with untouched wilderness and unspoilt countryside. Cultural events for both children, teenagers and adults. A charming place aspirating to be added to Unesco's World Cultural Heritage List. Top