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Early-medieval Great Moravian fortified settlement with the area of 10 ha is the largest and the uniquely preserved Slavic archaeological excavation in the Czech Republic.

In the period of Old and Great Moravia The Castle of Mikulčice was one of the prominent religious, culture and power centre of west Slav. It was probably one of saint Cyril – Constantin and saint Metodej’s place of activity. It can be proved by discoveries of foundations negatives of 12 churches built of bricks, a palace and more than 2.500 uncovered graves, many of them had rich and precious trousseau. The importance of excavation is demonstrated by the set of more than 250.000 collection objects - jewellery, weapons, riding equipment and objects of clerical and daily secular needs, that were collected by archeologists between 1954 - 1992. Other important excavations were discovered between 2006 – 2008. Until today the wall remains called Mounds have been delimitating the vastness of acropolis fortified settlement, where the visitor route is led.

Besides free tour of church and palace foundations in the terrain, you can visit two permanent expositions of archeological relicts from 7th – 9th century. The initial exposition gives general information about the results of archeological research in Mikulčice, main focus is on the period of 8th and 9th century. The other exposition is the introduction into the history of Mikulčice Castle and local sacral buildings done in modern way. The emotionally harmonized connection of speech, music and film projection acquaints with our past and it is really accepted with visitor’s delight.

The archeological discoveries and recognition of Great-Moravian history are supplemented by beautiful surrounding nature of meadow forest and meadows that are not only changeful in every season but rich in precious fauna and flora as well. Slavic fortified settlement in Mikulčice is close to nature reserve Skařiny which is one of the last remains of meadow forest in the South Moravia. The colony of white storks and grey heron lives here and beaver and the other representative of meadow thermophilic fauna and flora live here too.

A part of offer for visitors is rich accompanying cultural program that is not dominated only by Cyril-Metodej’s fair of Orthodox Church, Church of Rome or Catholic Church but results announcing of literal competition for children and youth, a lecture cycle of Monuments Friends Club, Great-Moravian days with demonstration from daily life of Slavs, an exhibition in small Gallery of Visitor Center as well or professional literature and souvenirs or postcards offered at the reception.

The Castle of Mikulčice visit is the ideal stop for organized excursion and trips of families or individual tourists in the South Moravia on the way from Slovakia or Austria to the recognition of sights and beauties of the Czech Republic. This place has become very popular stop for bike riders.

The composed archeology park of Mikulčice and Kopčany tries to achieve to be recorded on the List of world cultural heritage UNESCO.

Address and booking:
Slav fortified settlement [Slovanské hradiště] in Mikulčice, 696 19 Mikulčice – Valy, Czech Republic
telephone number: 518 357 293, e-mail: info@mikulcice-valy.info

The main season in Slav fortified settlement in Mikulčice is from 1st April to 31st October daily, apart from Monday, working days from 09.00 to 16.30, on Saturday and Sunday and on holidays from 09.00 to 17.30 (in July and August till 18.30) o’clock.

The prolonged season is in winter time from 1st November till 30th March and groups of more than 10 people are guided.

A ticket for children, students and pensioners is 40,- Kc, 60,- Kc for adults. The part of the ticket is a postcard. Parking in the area is for free. Refreshment is available at the cashier of the monument.

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